Year 6 - Spelling Bee

Well done to the Year 6 children who took part in their Spelling Bee this afternoon. A huge congratulations to Darcie, Ibrahim and Adyan who were the winners of their spelling groups! The Year 6 pupils all worked hard to win their class spelling bee’s so they could represent their class at the final. Tricky words that they managed to spell correctly included accommodate, mischievous, parliament and privilege.


Isha (used to be at this school) - Well done everyone especially my cousin Ibrahim

Yacob- 6 Ruby - Well Done!

ameera - Keep up the the good work yr 6

nazirah ( use to be in this primary school) - Keep the good work up and work hard till you get to secondary school and your education as you get older :)

Adyan - Nice work on you're spelling bee

Mr Pendlebury - Keep up the good work year 6. It is great to see you all working hard on your spellings.

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