Year 6 - Secondary Schools Parents Meeting

Year 6 parents attended a meeting to find out how to apply for secondary schools for their child. If you could not attend the meeting or would like further information please contact the office, Dawn Coote or Jacqui Jenkins.

Supporting Secondary Transition - 10 Top Tips

  1. Speak with your child about school life and work
  2. Reassure your child that they are not alone if they are feeling anxious and problems can be overcome when shared
  3. Look at the Tower Hamlets Schools brochure, video and website for information on schools, dates to visit and admission criteria
  4. Always visit schools before deciding which one you prefer
  5. Attend school visits during the daytime as well as evenings - it is helpful to see the school whilst pupils are working
  6. Take your child with you when visiting schools
  7. Talk to your child about their hopes for the future and their interests
  8. Include your child when making your preferences
  9. Give your child plenty of praise and encouragement
  10. If you need help – support is available: 0207 364 4784/6460/2753 or email


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