Year 6 Maths Competition

Four Year 6 pupils (Nashwan, Laiqa, Raihan and Afraz) were chosen to enter the National Young Mathematicians awards, with the final being held at Cambridge University.

The first round was held at the Explore Learning Centre in Charlton. They were given a reasoning problem, which involved 3 or 4 challenges. They were being judged on two things: how well they used their problem solving skills to think like mathematicians and how well they worked as a team. They were competing against 5 other schools including teams from the Isle of Dogs and one from Spain. We were the winners of the round!

The second round was in Abbey Wood. The reasoning question this time was of a much higher level. Having said this, the pupils were stoic in their concentration and teamwork and successfully passed into the next round. The pupils worked beautifully as a team and their oracy skills were put to the test.

The results were sent to the Explore Learning Centre head office for them to choose five finalists. Unfortunately, Cubitt Town Juniors was not one of them but the pupils did brilliantly to get as far as they did. The competition included 1260 schools and the pupils made it into the top 10%!

All of the challenges were from a website called NRICH so if you want to be in for a chance to compete at Cambridge University in Year 6, then log onto the website and start practising!


Haajar - Well done sooo which one is the next being Einstein

Mr Robertson - I am so impressed not only with your mathematical knowledge, but also your explanation and teamwork skills. Great job team!!

laiqa - I am so proud of myself

Mr Pendlebury - Mathematical superstars!

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