Year 6 Leavers Assembly 2017


Amina - I’m really going miss this school
And my my friends

Josh j - So many memories wanna go back now in yr 8 everything has changed I miss miss Wilkins and miss Bruce 💝💝🤟🏾🤟🏾

Sumaya - Year 8 now and still wanna go back😍miss all the teachers so much and everyone else❣️❣️❣️
Have so many memories at CTJS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

shanti - I miss you Miss Bruce! You're the best teacher ever

Lefty - I miss you miss Bruce

Fahima - I had fun in cubbit town and i miss my friends soo much kadija ilysm and other i wish i get to see u one day 💖And miss wilkins i miss you x

Gracey - SOOOOOO LIKE HEY TEACHERS I MISS YOU ALL AND I CANT WAIT SEE YOU ALL AGAIN......and yeah im still very annoying

Tanika Bernadine - Happy Days!!!!!:)

Tanika Bernadine - Hi guys i really miss everyone and secondary school is sooo coool. I still havent fogotten all the people especially Gracey, Lilly , Charley-mae , Fatima , Tyisha and all my besties. I love you guys!!!! I hope you make new friends there wherever you go. ( By the way i still fake fall over stairs and im still CRAZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYY:)

Laura - Dear Mrs Bruce, I'm sorry for missing swimming so much

mariyam b - Hi people. I never thought id say this but I miss you lot and the dramas but I got loads in my new school. SO FUNNY. Love you guys

tasbiya - i loved that leavers assembely

Saajida Amini - i miss all my friends

Joshua Joseph 6 cherry - Omg secondary is so much different with out all you guys and my friends if I could have 1 wish it would to have a week back in year 6 and listen to the arguments we all had over fooball ????????

Joshua Joseph 6 cherry - I miss everyone and the laughter we all had ????????

Marzan - Hi I'm in 6 Scarlet now. How many of u were in this class?

Amina - I really miss my friends and all of the other childern

Kadija - I miss everyone and my friends

yahya - who is guess who

Anika - Even though we all will go 2 different schools I will miss everyone of you people

Tahmida - I miss everyone in CTJS
Remember chase your dreams,live life to the fullest,have fun and get back up when life hits you hard.
I will cherish the moments with every single one of you guys.You will be missed dearly.

Aya - will miss everyone in CTJS and I will never forget anyone. Guess who was me

Fahima - I really miss all the teachers and ta's so much.
I really want to go back.
I would never ever forget this school

Tahmida - I know I wasn't there because I went to Turkey but it looked fun and emotional
Miss u all

Ahsan - Everyone was and will be the greatest! I miss you all sooooo much and I hope you all are having an amazing Summer holiday! Friends, classmates etc stay happy and enjoy yourselves in your secondary schools. And remember: be proactive, healthy and wonderful!

Sara - I will miss everyone and every memory we had together. I'll cherish them for the rest of my life. Never forget this school or anybody that was in my year.

guess who - I will miss CTJS and everybody there. Hope you will miss me too.

Shanti - I really miss everyone

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