Year 6 Leavers Assembly 2016

Year 6 held a special assembly where they talked about their time at CTJ, what they were thankful for and their hopes for the future. You can watch the highlights here.


Ayaan ( currently in year 6 from 2018 - 2019) - I will miss this school SOOOOO MUCH

Riley - Miss this school sooooo much xxxx

Mark - Apologies for the problems with the video, it should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.

carole - Hi Sumayyah, Thank you for pointing out the video is not working, I will ask Mark to have a look and see why it is not working.

Sumayyah - Every time I ry to watch the video it says that the video does not exist. Does anyone know why?

Mohammed Ali Salim - 4 Royal . 2016 - Nice, I Will Never Forget this, Best School, CTJS.

zake - i will remember all the loving teachers who cares for me

ridhwan ali - when are the copys of the ctjs leavers assembly going to come out.

Alby - I loveCTJ

Sumayyah - Missing this school so much!

Omur - Best time of life in that school

Lamiya - I'll never forget this school xx

Anisha - Best school ever 🎓🎓🎓

Pinar - old Cubitt Town member - I miss Cubitt Town

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