Year 6 - Knife Crime Workshop

On Tuesday 13th November 2018, Year 6 participated in a workshop delivered by The SOS+ Project on violence, vulnerability and exploitation.

It was a 60-minute workshop that was interactive and helped young people understand the laws around and consequences of carrying a knife. It provided our Year 6’s with tools to stay safe and make positive lifestyle choices.

Our Year 6’s were able to leave the session able to:

  • Explain why there is no safe place to stab someone;
  • Demonstrate ways of staying safe without carrying a weapon;
  • Understand the consequences of carrying a weapon;
  • Explain the law around offensive weapons;
  • Understand that carrying a knife decreases their actual protection but increases their perceived protection.

After the workshop, parents were invited in The workshop was followed up with a session for parents. The Parents’ knife crime workshop mirrored the Year 6 workshop, so that parents hear what their children have learnt. It was great to have parents come along and join in with the session.

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