Year 6 - France 2016

Year 6 are on their way to France! Stay up to date with the latest on this page.

Sunday 12th June

Saturday 11th June

Friday 10th June


Adil - Memories that was so much fun and it was a great time. Hope everyone's doing well

Lamiya-old member of Cubitt Town - I miss it so much including everyone that went there. Miss all you guys, hope to see you all again!

Amerah - That was an amazing trip I had so much fun and I\'ll remember this for a long time and the lovely instructors

ZAKE - I had a great time

hanifa miah - thats brill

sumya - we had lots of fun

Kelly - Have a great time Nicole. Your little brother and of course your mummy and daddy miss you a lot. See you soon. xxxooo

Devontay Jarvis - I cant see you in any photos! what you up to babe? Hope your having fun!

Dad - we miss you alot Pinar, have fun

Mummy - Lamiya looks like your having soo much fun. We all miss u baby see you soon. Xxx

Yazmin Khan - Amerah Oreo, Me and Mariyah miss you loads. Glad you having fun .. make some videos if you can Mariyah was asking. Love you hugs and kisses xxxxx

Tunima - Adele we are missing you so much🙁Can\'t wait for tomorrow see u soon. You r our Angel we all Love you xxxxxxxx

Mohima - Love you humi. Maryam is missing you very much ❤️Xxx

Shaheena - Thanks for the pictures and messages. Shubhon I miss you a lot, have fun

Grandma - Hi, Anisha

You look like you are having a amazing time, can\'t wait for you to come back. X

maryam - Tawheeda we miss you sooooooooo much, even your annoyingness lol i hope youre enjoying yourself and i cant wait to give you a massive hug when youre back

Parmitha - Adil baby we are all missing you...hope you\'re having a great time X

Sharan - Hope you are having lots of fun Anisha x

Jasmine - Yazmin, Lamaya, Lily take so many pictures. And enjoy yourselves. Make the most of it x

Suba - Bonjour Year 6!
Hope you\'re having a great time Adil.

Rakhshanda - It\'s great to see kids are having a fantastic time . Keep enjoying!!

Elena Munro - Kooks like a great start to a great adventure

Chi Lan - Miss you so much William, take plenty of photos so mum, dad and sisters can see you trip to France. We love you so much William xxx

Zaheen 6 Cherry - You look like you are having a lot of fun! I miss Nicole,Maisha and Ahlam!!

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