Year 5 - Trip To Sky Garden

We went 35 floors up and were dazzled by the wonderful London skyline at the Sky Garden this morning.

Then we were treated to a presentation where our talented prize winners (Waseef, Daisy and Yacob) received a lovely art set and backpack. 5 Canary were asked to design a logo for the 20 Fenchurch Legacy Fund. Their logo was chosen as the winning design and is now being used.

Well done to the 3 winners.


Carole - Wow, well done :)

Megan (used to go here) - Well done guys! That looks like so much fun! I am so excited to see you guys in 2 years time!

Aarif - Wow that is so cool

Summer - Well done guys!

Zeeshans mum - Had the pleasure of joining 5 Canary on the trip. The children are so well behaved and very polite. Well done to you all for making the school and parents proud.

Emily - This looks so good can't wait to go in year 5 and go here

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