Year 5 - Kingswood 2019 - Day 2

We had a great sleep. Everyone was well rested but we awoke to a very wet Kingswood. They rain has poured down but our resilience has shone through and we have not moaned about the rain. Keep it up year 5!


Lily Nguyen 5B - It was so fun I would go there again

Uzy aka Uzair - Was really fun want to go back

Megan (went to CTJS) - I remember going to Kingswood it was SUPER fun!!!!!!! xx

safa - I really enjoyed!

Kacie - Just got back it was so fun

Sonia Tracey - Missing you so much Teddy so glad you stayed and had the most amazing time. Safe journey home see you at 3. Love you. Xxxx

Jasmins mum - Missing you Jasmine can't wait to see you tomorrow your brothers and sisters are missing you to xx

Yasmina@6Ruby - Hi Aisha!!!! It’s Yasmina and I hope you have lots of fun on your last day. Hope that you have enjoyed in general and we’ll see you at home tomorrow. Miss you tons!!!! Love, Yasi, mummy and daddy xoxo 💋

Mr Pear - We miss you back at school Year 5. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return!

Aseel's mum - Have fun everyone xx

Chi Lan - Enjoy your activities and freedom for few days Lily Cutie Nguyen, love mummy,daddy,William and Chloe xxxx

Raz-Uzair - Loving the pics..they look soo happy 🤗

nazirah - I hope this is an amazing time of your life and fun.

Samiha@5 Buttercup - I wanna go now

Adnan's mum. - Loving the pictures:) looks like you guys are having an amazing time. xxxx

Carole - Have fun year 5.

Jasmins mum - Looks like the kids are having great fun so far look forward to seeing more pics enjoy guys xxx

Farhat Rahman - Take some pictures and enjoy

Emma - Have a great time don't miss us to much lol

Safa's mum - Hope you all had a safe journey and make sure you have fun.

Mr Robertson - I'm unbelievably jealous of you all.

Miss R Begum - Have a fabulous time! Send in more pictures.

Jane - Have lots of fun everyone

Razna-Uzair @5 buttercup - Enjoy guys have lots of fun! Stay safe and see you all soon xxx

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