Kingswood 2018

These are the latest pictures from Year 5's adventures at Kingswood.

All children have now arrived safely at Kingswood - 10:20 08/05/2018


nashwan - everybody had fun! matthew's looks were worth millions at some times.

Haajar’s Mum - I hope you come back safely we all miss you

Alby -5buttercup - Very fun missed my parents a lot.
I would do it again.

Thank you Mr Hart, Ms Aden, Allison and Hayette.

Jermone - Enjoy it.Be It.Are It.

S Choudhury - Wish you all a safe return x
Can't wait to see you Isha, mummy/ daddy and your brothers missed you a lot...... love you my baby xxx

Mona - Enjoy your last few moments at kingswood! Hope you all get back safely.

Ridwan year 6 - hope you had a good time like i did

Raihaan 5 sunshine - Looks like you are all having an amazing time! Can't wait to see you and hear all about it tomorrow. Miss you lots xx mum xx

Sharmila- Raihaans auntie - This looks so fun! I am glad everyone is having a good time! Miss you lots ray! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Lots of love, auntie sham x x x

F chowdhury - Have a nice time guys hope u enjoy

Mona - Wonderful activities, hope you are enjoying your time. Eat and sleep well and have fun. We Miss you loads Murad.xxxxxx

Parveen - Great to know the children arrived safely. Have a fantastic time everyone. Luv you and miss you Raihaan. Hugs and kisses from naniji . Xxx

Shahria 5 canary - Miss you loads, have fun.

Sadia Hasan' s mum - Hope you are all enjoying yourselves we miss you all!!

Rania - Have a lovely journey thank you very much for the photos we are 100% sure our kids in safe hands

Chi Lan Nguyen - Great to know kids arrived safely and enjoy their activities already. What a lovely day our kids have in Kingswood. Miss you so much Chloe. xxxx

Danielle - Thanks for the update. Have fun!

Rakhshanda Siddiqui - Punekar - It's great to see that all the children are having a fantastic time. Thanks for updating us!

Amanda Newbury-Canaway - Glad to hear you all arrived safely and are enjoying yourseves!!! Take care and have fun!!

Barbara - Have a lovely time in Kingswood!!

Dawn - Admin Office - I hope you all have a fantastic time.

S Choudhury - Thanks so much for the update. I'm sure our children are in safe hands and they'll have an amazing time.

Mr Pendlebury - Have a great time. Enjoy yourselves and sleep well!!!