Year 5 - Into Film Festival

Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in the Into Film Festival where they showed a range of fantastic films. We saw Paddington 2 which we then used as a basis for a philosophical discussion. We had a great day and saw a wonderful film, which inturn prompted some wonderful thinking. Roll on next year!

A photo of us in the cinema and our P4C lesson based on the film's theme of justice.


Yasin - That was a fun experience

Isha - That was really funny and fun.

kamal - I like it

azra - I love the film and play of Robinson Crusoe!

Azra - That was so funny and pretty awsome ! i am very glad we went ! Doesn't Cubitt Town Junior School think that as well?

Marwa - Was it fun when you guys went to the Film Festival?

Yuze - That was so funny

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