Year 5 and 6 Gymnastics Team

Our Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics Team attended a Borough Gymnastics competition at Marion Richardson School.  They were presented with 2nd place out of the 11 schools that took part. 

Gymnastic Coach Lauren Murdock  said  

'They represented themselves and Cubitt Town so well I am so proud of them'

Congratulations to the Team, we are so proud of you. 


Aisha - Great job guys 2nd place is amazing

sirine - i am extremely proud of my team and me for coming 2nd

laiqa - I am really proud of myself, and I can't believe we got 2nd place

Mr Pendlebury - Excellent work girls! You help to show others that dedication and hard work does pay off. Keep up the amazing effort!

Summer Clark - I feel really proud of myself and my team and it was a great job on getting 2ND PLACE!!!!!

Yasmina - I feel really proud of the team and my best friend Summer.!!!GREAT JOB!!!

Tasbiya 3 sage - wow how do they do THAT

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