Year 5/6 - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Year 5 and 6 presented their take on the classic tale Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.


Mario 5 Honey - Being narrator was fun.

Megan - My class was the first to go on stage

Megan-5 buttercup - So much funnnnnnn

Jada - Well done everyone

Zayan 5 sunshine - Well done to everyone it was amazing

tasnim 5 sunshine - I was super nervous I had to go up 5 times with the choir

Zayan 5 sunshine - It was very good

megan and jack - I'm proud

Torulin - 5 Honey - Nervous at the start but it was fun!!! Next year we should do another!!
I watched the Y3 and 4\'s play it was quite good

Hamza 5 Honey - It was soooo fun but my heart was pounding lol😅

Hamza-5 Honey - Soo nervous but it was fun lol ✌🏻😎

Jannah Akhtar -5 Buttercup - I was quite nervous but it was fun!

Eiliyah 5 Honey & Aamilah former student - I watched the play it was so good! and I remember doing them myself! - Aamilah

I enjoyed being narrator!😆😇 - Eiliyah

Tasnia - 5 Honey - This was SOO fun!!!!😂😂Lol!!!😃😃😃

Tasnia Afrin - 5 Honey - I really enjoyed it.

Jada -5 sunshine - I was so nervous even though I enjoyed it at the same time

Max - I felt a bit nervous at the start

Sumayyah-former student - I really miss this school and doing plays.

Anika Aziz :) - I used to be in this school but now I\'m not. Anyways I love the performances in Cubitt Town plus see my brother in 4sky!

Mr Lawler - Well done to everyone...I was nervous myself!

Tasnia 5 honey - This is was SOO fun!!🦄😂💩😍🐶

Nuha 5 Sunshine - I wasn't scared - be confident and have faith in yourself :))) Be happy and confident :)

megan 5 buttercup - I it was fun!

Dawn hanmore - Really good, it was different :) big well done to all the children and teachers really proud of my callum :)

Mario - 5 Honey - I was nervous at the start

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