Year 3 - Lego WeDo Earthquake Simulator

Year 3 have been using Lego WeDo to build an earthquake simulator. We programmed it to shake the ground and then tested out different housing designs to see which was the sturdiest.


Aarif - This was sooooooo much fun!!! I loved it soooooo much.

Jawad - Legendary work. I want to do it again

Aarif - It was really fun

Safiyyah - I like it

Aarif - I had so much fun

Ameera - I really loved building these thank you so much for all this and I hope we do more things like it again

Azra - This is a wonderful piece of work from year 3 well done!

Aarif - It was really fun

MARWA - That was wonderful work

asya - I had a great time doing this lego activity with Mr Robertson. It was really fun programming lego!

Aarif - Wow these are epic