At the Science Fair, there were many excellent entries. Everybody enjoyed themselves and it was very exciting to meet the Master of Tallow Chandlers. When the classes came in it gave us a chance to practice our presentation and get better at explaining our investigations.

At three o’clock the master arrived to discuss the projects. He went around and talked to the different project scientists. After some in depth discussions it was time to choose the winners. In 3rd place was Sabina (6 Rose) with her ‘Save the Water’ project. The 2nd place winner was a volcano made by a collection of children from 4 Ocean and it REALLY erupted! 1st went to Tayeba in 4 Royal who created her own hydroelectric turbine which lit up its own light bulb!

All entries this year were fantastic and we are looking forward to next year’s event already!


By Sirine



Year 3 have been enjoying learning about a whole range of science in the lab with Mr Hart. From household explosives to chocolate fountains to slime creation challenges we have explored a range of fun, and messy, science investigations. The level of interest and effort has been extremely high and it will be hard to beat for the following year groups. 

As the children's efforts were so high across the entire program we had to create a challenge to see who could create, and explain how they created, the BEST SLIME! 


After a hard fought session, where slime ended up pretty much everywhere, we were able to find our first ever SCIENCE CLUB SUPER STARS!

Well done to Tasebiya Ali and Lelima Aktar in 3 Sage! 


Your prizes are on there way to you, congratulations!




Maira - That looked like fun! 😜👍

Melis - Great job you are a superstar and I hope I will win the slime competition

Tasbiya - I am a super star i'm on there and I got a prize.