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Autism Awarness Week


The school council wanted present an assembly to the whole school on Austism Awreness Week to raise awarness and celebrate the fact that we are all different. We all have different talents, skills and difficulties, which make us unique.

Here is the presentation they created to use during their assemblies to the whole school.

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School Council were given the task of selecting the name of our reading crocodile!

Have a look at how many entries we received! 


We shortlisted eight potential names.



The winning name was.... Coco! 


Meet ‘Coco’ the Reading Crocodile 

He is our school reading mascot. He loves to read, ask questions and find evidence within a text.


School Council 2017-2018

We had our first School Council meeting on Monday 25th September, where we talked about the role of the School Council, and expectations of a Councillor. 

We also discussed and signed the School Council Charter.


School councillors

Year 3

3 Willow:           Nefisa and Aahil 

3 Emerald:        Jack  and Fahmida 

3 Sage:             Tatjana   and Yahya 


Year 4

4 Ocean:          Sophie  and Farhat 

4 Royal:           Erum  and Qarnayn 

4 Sky:              Nabil and Holly 


Year 5

5 Canary:         Matthew and Maryam 

5 Sunshine:     Zachariah  and Lilly 

5 Buttercup:    Sirine  and Alby 


Year 6

6 Cherry:         Isaiah , Amaiyah  and Merkel 

6 Scarlet:         Anjum  and Abdelkader 

6 Ruby:            Ismail and Eiliyah 

6 Rose:            Geovanne and Muheb


The School Council is comprised of two pupils from each class who have been elected by their classmates, as well as a co-opted member



Ashika - Well done

Nabeela - Congratulations school councilers.