In this extraordinary blog we will talk about World Book Day and my most favourite International Womens day.

World book day was covered with many colourful and unique characters from books all around the U.K.

This is a great time for the younger pupil as they experience many activities such as quizzes, word searches and many more.

Now for international womens day. 

Year 6 girls had the opportunity to go to B.P in Canary Wharf. During our visit we learnt that boys or girls cannot tell each other what they can or cannot do. This was very inspirational as every girl now has this knowledge for the rest of their lives.


The next blog will be about Sports Relief.




Welcome back to another fabulous blog from the prefects. Today we are happy to blog about the wonderful event which happened on Friday 19th January. The year 6’s worked incredibly hard to create some rather amazing pieces of creative work (drawings, writing, painting and poems) to display in our First Ever Gallery - ‘The Lady of Shallot’. During this picturesque showing, our work was shown and sold to our lovely parents and patrons from Tallow Chandlers. One piece of work sold for £50!!!

It was a very calm atmosphere, with children serving nibbles, tea and coffee as well as explaining our work to others.

We really enjoyed ourselves and managed to raise £250 to go towards wet play equipment for our classrooms. A lovely bit of entrepreneurship!

A big thank you to all the teachers and support staff that spent their time getting the gallery ready. I think we have many budding artists and one or two curators among us.

Hope you have a wonderful day

Tasnim and Akaal 






The Chislehurst Caves Trip: Tasnim & Akaal 6 Scarlet

Welcome to our first ever blog! Starting off this week Year 3 had visited Chislehurst Caves. 

They said there favourite part was when the men stated to do a show about the stone age!

They would highly recommend this trip as it was very exciting.

As you know its been our first week back and it is a very quiet one.









Ashika - Well done keep up the good work

Tisha - Same here, please can we have our pic on too

zakaria - I am not there but I am a prefect

Ridwan - Where is my picture. I`m a prefect

Kaden - I'm so happy that I'm a prefect. Best job ever