School Ethos

The starting point for learning is a positive ethos and climate of respect and trust based upon shared values across the school community, including parents of children and young people.

Vision statement

Our vision for Cubitt Town Junior School is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential in an environment that supports both academic achievement and the wellbeing of all.

We will be an integral part of our community, inspiring our children to be successful lifelong learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We will work together with home, community and other services provided.


Care, Respect, Honesty ,Tolerance

Cubitt Town Junior School will provide an inclusive learning environment, which will be a positive stimulus for personal achievement

Our promise

By the time our children leave Cubitt Town Junior School

  • They will be motivated to continue their learning outside the classroom
  • They will use what they have learned to keep safe and live a healthy lifestyle
  • They will have achieved their best in all areas of their learning
  • They will show care, respect and tolerance to everyone in the school and wider community
  • They will be proud to have been a member of the Cubitt Town Family.