We had a fantastic day, which saw us planting 315 trees in the school playground! They were: hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose, elder, rowan, hawthorn, wild cherry and silver birch. Thank you very much to our parent volunteers and the volunteers from Groupon and @TreesForCities, without whom it would have not been possible. Also, thank you to @Woodlandtrust for donating all the trees and tree protectors. We are looking forward to seeing these treesgrow alongside our wonderful children to create a cleaner and greener world.


Mohammed 6SC - This looks really fun! (Although, I don't think I did this) - It's a great experience to actually use your muscles and dig.

Lorena - Yes it definitely was I have enjoyed every single moment of it and let’s all hope that the trees are healthy and safe

salma - It was amazing

Mariyah - It was really fun!

Mariyah Khalis - 4 ocean - It was really fun planting trees. Although it was messy, dirty and there were many worms I still enjoyed it. It was an amazing experience.

Summer Clark (Used to come to this school) - Looks great fun doing all that planting and digging! I wish I was still at Cubitt Town!!!!

Md Abdul Zahir - It was so much fun being outdoors, being able to plant the trees and have a great experience. Our group all had a turn at getting the tree, a stick and a tube, some dirt, and dig a hole.

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