Sports Day 2019

We all had a fantastic time participating in our annual Sports Day. Each team competed to earn points and our overall winner was GREEN team. Many thanks to all the mums and dads who turned up to watch and well done to everyone who participated. We are already looking forward to next years event.


Eiliyah - It was so fun and i'm really happy because our team won in our class won in the whole school!

Mr Robertson - Tell you what I was completely knackered after all that sport. My legs are still aching!!!!!!!!

zikra - That was amazingly fun the best thing ever!

kamal - Amazing!!!

Ameera - WOW this was an amazing day at school 😂😂😂

Aarif - Sports day was so fun

3 Willow - This was the BEST Sports Day EVER!!!!!!!

kamal - Wow it was so fun

Carole - Well done to everyone.
It looked like a really good day.

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