Poetry Slam 2019

Last week we had our second annual Poetry Slam. Every child in the school had learnt and recited a poem, and 12 finalists took part in a Grand Final in the hall in front of teachers, parents and children. The finalists performed with incredible confidence and flair! The overall winner was Macy from 6 Ruby, with an poem. Matvey from 4 Royal came in second place, and Summayah from 5 Sunshine in third. A huge well done to all those who took part.


zikra - The poetry slam was amazing!!!

MATVEY - I can't believe I came 2ND place.

Daniel - My brother won 3rd place last year's one it's a really good feeling.

Eiliyah - The poetry slam was exiting and even though my class didn't win I liked that it had a variety of different things.

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