Poetry Slam 2018

On Tuesday 11th December, we held our very first ever Poetry Slam. Each child in the school learnt, rehearsed and practised a poem of their choice which they performed in front of their class. Each class democratically chose the winner to represent them in the ‘Slam’. The children performed so well (along with some of our teachers), making sure to include intonation, pauses, movements and facial expressions. We had an absolutely fantastic time and we are already thinking about next years event!

Congratulations to

William and Aahil – Joint 3rd place
Sadia – 2nd place
Ruby – 1st place Winner

This poem was written by Zahir after the poetry slam. Well done Zahir!

The poetry slam poem

By Abdul Zahir


The poem’s were weird, at some points they were cool.

I think someone made one about kicking a ball..?


A group of kids… scared by a ghost…

I think for a sequel, they might want to boast…


The poetry slam – it was cool -  it was epic!!

My poem, was going to be, about an ancient relic?!


The poem I actually read was ‘Our Teacher Likes Minecraft’, by Kenn Nesbitt.

Though I thought, in that poem, would the teacher, after buying Minecraft, would she have any more money in her debit?


I made this poem after the poetry slam

But now it’s 3:00 AM, I better scram!


Aarif - It was such a fantastic performance

Samiha Ferdous - Well done everyone !!!!!😱🦄🦄

Yacob - I'm sure it will as very hard to perform on front of the whole school

Mr Pendlebury - Absolutely amazing effort from everyone. Well done to everyone who performed their poem in their class as well. I am super proud of all of you!

yusuf 5 buttercup - I am so proud of myself, but I have to say it was epic.

Holly - Well done to people on stage and who performed in their classes. Well done to everyone. Fantastic performances!

Marwa 3Willow - What a good performance that was

Mariyah Khalis - 4 ocean - What a performance! Well done performers! Everyone read their poem fantastically.

Summer Clark (Used to come to this school) - Well done! Everyone did great! Keep the fantastic work up :)

Mr Robertson - Every single performer was unbelievably impressive! Well done Team Poetry!

nazirah 6 cherry - i am proud of everyone on stage who read their poem well and nicely

Amirah - What a performance

Mr Pear - What an achievement! Well done to all of our performers!

Carole - Fantastic William, well done :)

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