Eid Assembly 2018

To celebrate Eid we held a special assembly with singing, dancing and even a fashion show!

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Humayra Anjum 4R - I can't believe I did the dance it was amazing!!!!!!! I was worried now since I am in y4 I can overcome my fear

Khadija - I miss this school

Tasbiya ali - It was fantastic especially the yr 5 and yr 6 ones (by the way I left the school I miss this school😒😒)

Mariyah 3sage - I loved being in it

asma - Being in this was the best and I miss everyone

Mariyah 3 sage - So happy I participated!

Azra - Well done to everybody that participated in the Eid assembly!! Thank you all for your hard work!!! It was like the BEST assembly I've ever seen !!!

Emaan 😘😘 3emerald - I love you guys 😍

EmSan 3emarald - What a great performance 😘😘😘

Humayra 3 willow - - I loved the all of the dances. I loved y3 y4 y5 and year 6 and i am going to miss everybody in year 6 have a fun year

Ahyaan - I loved it so much Yr 6 dance was the best. Thank u everybody

Muzaffar Choudhury - the year 6 dance was the best

Riyaadul - Loved it,good job its incredible

Mario Odigbo - All the performances were amazing

Ibrahim 3 sage - 3 sage is the best and 4 royal

Maira - That was like the best performance ever!!,

Sabina - I am so happy I took part in the Eid assembly.The assembly was fantastic!!!

Miss R Begum - Congratulation to all the children who participated, you were all amazing!

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