Assembly - 15th May 2020


yaminah - Well done to everyone who got what a star , star scientist , a french award , a P.E. award and those who got a certificate this week. Keep up the good work everyone !
And a fantastic job to those who made a thank you card or video for the teachers in the school. Everyone's work was lovely!
stay home and stay safe

Rayyan sindi - Which Rayyan is it on what a star?

Naira - Happy Friday everyone! Hope your all well and safe, thank you teachers especially Mr Smith my year 4 teacher and as always stay home stay safe and I hope you have a lovely week end! See you soon :D :)

Hana 5 Canary - Well Done to everyone who got a what a star award , a P.E award, a scientist award and a french award/cetifercite this week!!!
Stay home and stay safe:D:p

Adnan Alomkha - Yay you chose mine

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