Here at Cubitt Town Junior School, we have a real love for science. Our aim is to capture the naturally inquisitive nature of your children and nurture that curiosity through a broad range of experiences, both inside and outside of the school. We recognise how science is not only essential in our understanding of the ever-changing world around us, but also as a means to put our English and maths learning to practical use.

We have a real focus on creating child led, active, purposeful investigations using the key scientific skills of planning, recording data and then considering and evaluating the evidence. We use a wide range of methods to do this including pattern finding, fair testing, research, identifying and classifying and observations over time.

The students will be assessed on how well they cannot only learn new skills and information but how they can utilise it effectively in a given problem solving project. These projects will be undertaken across a wide range of cross-curricular areas and could even win your child the top prize in the Science Fair!

As always we will have many visitors and trips to support the children’s understanding and love of this most explosive subject!

Science Policy

Formative statements for Science in Year 3

Formative statements for Science in Year 4

Formative statements for Science in Year 5

Formative statements for Science in Year 6