Physical Education

P E. at Cubitt Town allows the children to engage with sport and physical activities, increasing physical competence, health related fitness, self-discipline and responsibility as well as an enjoyment of physical activity so they can be physically active for a lifetime.

We aim to...

  • Improve physical fitness of children by increasing their strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance
  • Develop skill in both fine and gross motor movements. By doing this it allows children to learn safely and participate in sports / activities at an enjoyable level. Skills learned at Cubitt Town are age appropriate and inclusive of all abilities.
  • Improve self-discipline by facilitating students' understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is also recognised that a high quality physical education can have a positive development of individual morals. Children will learn to take responsibility for their actions, assume roles of responsibility / leadership and learn to co-operate with others.
  • Provide experience of setting achievable but challenging goals. P E gives children the opportunity to set both personal and team goals within a sporting context.
  • Strengthen self-confidence and peer relationships by giving children the opportunity to master both skills and tactics within gameplay. This will allow their confidence and decision making ability to develop. By working alongside their peers their social skills will improve as they learn appropriate ways to communicate with each other. During late childhood the ability to participate in dance, games and sporting activities is an important part of peer culture.
  • Take part or provide an indirect opportunity to take part in competitive sport at various levels:
    • Level 1 — Intra-school, usually within the year group
    • Level 2 —Inter-school competition, local competitive fixtures with surrounding schools
    • Level 3 —Annual county / sub-regional competition, usually achieved by winning a Level 2 Competition
    • Level 4x — National Multi-Sport events i.e. Sainsbury's School Games (This will involve National Governing Body selection programmes, usually at older age groups i.e. secondary school)

Number of Lessons

All classes have two PE sessions per week:

  • Years 3, 5 and 6 have one lesson with our P.E. Instructor and their second lesson is swimming.
  • Year 4 receive two lessons with our P.E. Instructor
  • RE is just as important as any other subject and children are expected to take part in both sessions


P.E. kit is expected at every session (EVEN if your child is not taking part due to injury or illness)

P.E. kit consists of:

  • House colour t-shirt (available at reception)
  • Shorts / tracksuit bottoms / leggings
  • A change of shoes (trainers / plimsolls)
  • Long sleeve t-shirt / jumper if weather is cold

Please note that football strips will not be accepted as P.E. kit

Sports and Activities

Throughout the year children will learn different types of games and activities:

  • Invasion Games
  • Net Et Wall Games
  • Striking and Fielding Games
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics