At our school, literacy is taught creatively and inspires our children to become lifelong readers and writers. We have five literacy lessons a week alongside guided reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting. The teaching of reading and writing is also cross-curricular and can be found in all subjects.

Engaging books are used as a premise for the teaching of literacy through a variety of different genres. Through this, children's skills are developed as they progress through the National Curriculum. 'Talk for Writing' games are used throughout lessons, helping to ensure all children enjoy their learning and that there are plenty of speaking and listening opportunities to develop vocabulary and ideas. Every class has a 'magpie' wall where exciting new vocabulary is displayed and ready to be plucked by eager learners. Each class has a grammar focus weekly where the skills taught are embedded, not only in dedicated literacy lessons, but applied and used within cross curricular topics. Children are taught the purpose of their writing so that they are able to relate it to a real-life context, which manifests itself into a finished product for a reader.

Each child has their own summative writing assessment book, whereby writing samples are written each half term, assessed and used for planning progression. Regular formative assessment takes place, as evident in children’s books. As we ensure there are plentiful reading opportunities in the school day, reading is assessed daily, alongside summative assessment papers at the end of the term. We use Herts for Learning Assessment Tools as a basis for assessing children's learning. Additionally, we carry out summative grammar, punctuation and spelling assessment half termly which is used to inform planning and ensure children progress.

Year 3 Literacy Objectives

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