Year 3/4: The 12 Days of Christmas

Each class in Year 3 and 4 took it in turns to tell us the story of trouble at the North pole...


Naima - Cool 😀

Saarah - I think 3 willow and 3 Sage were the best. I liked all of the performance but I think those 2 standard out the most. The year 3s were really good for their first Christmas performance. All their voices had something about it????la la la .

megan 5 buttercup - MY FRINED IS IN THE FRIST CLASS

Sumaya - I liked it too 🙄🙄🙄

Tayeba 3 emerald - Wow i was really proud of my self 3 emerald was the best and 4 royal exspeshily Tasnim Amisha

Mario - 4 Ocean - I really enjoyed. The funny thing is that I dropped my hat at the end of the show.

Mario 4 Ocean - I realy enjoyed doing this and I hope that there will be more. I also dropped my hat at the last second.

Jannah 3 willow - I liked 3 sages there the best they always are 👌🏻

Kaden 4 Royal - I like 4 royal😍

Unknown - Give both of them Y6&5&Y3&4 a big 👍🏼

Aleena 3 emrald - best performance ever

Aleena 3 emrald - well done that was great!

Adele 6 ruby - Well done!😉

tasnim friend - That was a great show, well done.

Khadija 4Royal - I know I left Cubitt Town. I enjoyed watching the website and to 4 Royal - that was fantastic.

Mikyle 3 sage - I like 5 buttercup's performance

ridwan 4 royal - Excellent performance Year 3 and 4.

Sonny 4 ocean - This was a great performance and I was really stage scared

SHAHRIA RAHMAN 3 WILLOW CLASS - I liked year 5 and year 6s performance to years 3 and 4s

ashlie from 3 sage - um my class is amazing I want more becase its very tallented

ashlie - 3 sage is my class and its amazing

SAARAH - Best play ever 2015!!! 😍😍😍

Naylah - best play of 2015!! 😀😂😃😄😍😋☺️😝😢😜😛😘

Jumana in three willow - Three sage are always the best

Mario Odigbo 4 Ocean - I'm in 4 Ocean and I think we did fantastic and so did all of the other 6 classes

Tisha - I am so lucky to be part of ctjs

Granny in Wales. - Great to watch the performance on line. Well done Cubitt Town school

Ahmad - I liked 3 Emeralds Performance and 3 Sages one to😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶.

Ahmad - 3 Sage did well, you were right jumana😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😎😬😬😬😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Ryan\'s friend - Ryan did well but good with the slay!

isha. 3 willow - 3 Willow were the best.

Uthman 4 sky - Best performance ever😆😅

Tisha - I was so scared when I first got on stage I literally freaked out

Mario Odigbo 4 Ocean - I am happy to be part of Cubitt Town Junior School and I think we did great. Mario Odigbo.

Nesta odigbo - It touched me so much in my heart when I was watching the kids singing 🎶 in one spirit and wanted to say that we\'re blessed having our kids in cubitt town. Jah love prophet owomi. Love You Mario

Tasnia Afrin 4 royal - I was really scared but when I got on the stage and said my line I got brave and everyone that has a line in the performance have fun with it and enjoy yourself

JUMANA in three willow - Three sage are the best

Maisha - Wow!!!

Tasnia Afrin - I found the performance really fun and I was really proud of my self because I was speaking very loud and clear and I felt that I could not do but I actually did it and whoever reads this and has a line in the performance try your best and have fun.

Tasnia Afrin - I was so scared when I got on to the stage but when I went on the stage I felt brave. And I also think that we did better than the year 5 and year 6. And I loved the performance.

Anika 6 cherry🍒 - Year 4 and 3 did very well I also enjoyed the performance on Friday with the year 5. I am in year 6

Marzan Ali - I did that play with ahyaan and hamza/drummer 1


Marzan Ali - Ahyaan it was the best ever.yeah?
im in 4 royal

james rankin - best performance on Earth

SHAHRIA RAHMAN 3 WILLOW - I liked 3 sage's performance

Kaden - I was scared

Kaden - I loved it

Anika 6 cherry🍒 - I like the year 4's and 3's performances hopefully you like year 5's and 6's performance!

Richard - 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hamza Ajmal 4 royal - I like 4 oceans performance

Sumaiya - Wow really nice

Ahyaan Ahmed 4 Royal - BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!

Ahamd - I was very scared but I was good

Hamza Ajmal - I like the performance I don\'t have stage fright

Ahmad khamis - I am really proud of my self but I was scared.

ahamd - it was very good

Mayesha - Friday, we have done our performance and the parents loved it and we had lots of amazing comments.

unknown - well done so proud of my sister!!!!!

Mayesha - Well done😍😍

Mystery - Good

Dylan\'s Mum - Great performance, well done to all the boys and girls! Well done to the teachers for organising a brilliant Christmas show. :-)

Richard - This was great let\'s see if year 5 and 6 do better

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