Year 6


Miss Siddique
6 Cherry / Year Group Leader

Ms S Khanom and Ms S Begum
6 Ruby

Miss Talbot Sikkens
6 Scarlet

Home Learning


Yearly Overview

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Year 6 Expectations

We expect all children to arrive in school on time and in full school uniform and to be in every day to ensure a well rounded learning experience.

We expect the very best in both effort and interaction in their final year here and will strive to enable your children to achieve their very best. We ask for your support in this endeavour.

We look forward to a hard but fun year with your children and helping them reach their full potential.

End of Year Expectations

Our End of Year Expectations booklets outline the national expectations for children in each year group by the end of the academic year.

The expectations are from the new National Curriculum which was introduced in September 2014.

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Year 6 Highlights