Golden Table

Each week, the class teacher will choose one child from their class, who has demonstrated outstanding behaviour, effort or attitude to learning to be rewarded ‘Golden Lunch’. The children get to have their lunch 1st. 

Golden Lunch will take place every Wednesday. Children’s names are announced in their classroom. They get to choose a friend who they bring with. They get to enjoy each other’s company and also receive special treats.

This weeks children for Golden Lunch are:

Name Class Reason
Ruby 6 Ruby For amazing writing in literacy.
Devante 6 Scarlet For great effort in on all areas of his learning and committing himself to concentrating.
Isha 6 Cherry For trying extremely hard in improving her writing.
Macy 5 Canary For contributing to class discussions and always behaving so well.
Mohammed 5 Sunshine For his amazing attitude to maths.
Uzair 5 Buttercup For always having a great attitude.