Building Lego Robots with BP

On Wednesday 4th July a mixture of Year 4, 5 and 6 children were invited to the third floor of 20 Canada Square in Canary Wharf - BP.

BP has worked with  schools as part of the Schools Link Project for the past 50 years and we had a big cake to celebrate.

At CTJS, BP help us with reading partners and mentoring and Lego Robots club to name a few.

We had short walk to the BP offices and were greeted at reception by some of the volunteers. We collected our security passes and travelled to the third floor atrium. We were welcomed to BP  by a gentleman called Alan who was the Boss of the department we were visiting.

He explained to us who BP were and what they did at the BP offices.

"BP stands for British Petroleum, he also said that they sell up to 10 Million barrels of oil every day, which is enough to fill up his car 28 Million times a day" WOW

We were then introduced to Mark who works in the IT training department teaching the staff at BP, how to use their computers and the Lego robots.

Mark explained to us how the robots worked and what equipment we needed to program them. Once we had collected our equipment we were joined by more members of BP staff who had agreed to come and help us program our robots we started off gently just getting the robots to move forward then the more confident we got we made them turn and some even played music.

The second part of the morning was to build the tallest tower but it had to be stable and we only had 5 minutes to plan and build it.

We started off by looking at our blocks with the help of our BP volunteers and sorting our selves into mini builders each of us taking on building a different section of tower. The winning tower was 53inchs tall and the winning team were given a USB wrist arm band as a prize each.

Today we learned about:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • How to program
  • How to do a 90 degree turn
  • Program might be hard or easy
  • Not everything is easy 


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