To coincide with and promote National Science Week, CTJS will be undertaking a holistic, pupil led science competition across all years groups with prizes for scientific thinking and effort. We will introduce the concept of a science fair for the children to enter and ultimately impress the judging dignitaries with their displays and learning. 


Any area of science is open for the children to explore, mainly in their own time but with built in planning and resourcing sessions with the CTJS science team to promote excellent learning during the activities. The entry should be limited to table size but can incorporate information, art, data analysis and even practical examples to best showcase their chosen area of science.


We will have a gala event held in the science lab where children will present their entries to other students, parents and our carefully chosen judges looking to win year group prizes and an overall grand prize! 


Not only will this promote independent science learning it will enrich children's expectations of science and broaden their horizons. 

We are planning on holding the final event on Thursday 15th March as a finale for our Science Week learning.


We look forward to seeing you there!










Year 3 have been enjoying learning about a whole range of science in the lab with Mr Hart. From household explosives to chocolate fountains to slime creation challenges we have explored a range of fun, and messy, science investigations. The level of interest and effort has been extremely high and it will be hard to beat for the following year groups. 

As the children's efforts were so high across the entire program we had to create a challenge to see who could create, and explain how they created, the BEST SLIME! 


After a hard fought session, where slime ended up pretty much everywhere, we were able to find our first ever SCIENCE CLUB SUPER STARS!

Well done to Tasebiya Ali and Lelima Aktar in 3 Sage! 


Your prizes are on there way to you, congratulations!




Melis - Great job you are a superstar and I hope I will win the slime competition

Tasbiya - I am a super star i'm on there and I got a prize.