SEN Information Report

At Cubitt Town Junior School our vision is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential in an environment that supports both academic achievement and the wellbeing of all. 

We aim to develop an inclusive school culture and we are committed to nurturing the highest achievement possible from those pupils with special educational needs and barriers to learning. We aim to celebrate their successes and foster their development as independent learners and responsible citizens in partnership with families and the wider community.

Who should parents contact for more information or to discuss a concern?

If any parents have any questions or concerns about their child they should generally first contact their class teacher, and in the resulting conversation the issue of special educational needs may be raised.  The class teacher will then contact the SENCO, Mr Mike Coysh, who will meet with parents if necessary.

Parents are also welcome to contact the school and arrange to speak with the SENCO, or Angie Drew Rennie, Assistant Head for Inclusion.

Any member of staff will be happy to speak with parents, and pass on concerns to the member of staff best equipped to deal with them.

To email our Senco Team please send an email to:

The Tower Hamlets website contains information about their Local Offer with all kinds of information about SEND in the Borough.

Common Questions

How do we know if a child/young person has special educational needs?

What do we do to help children/young people with special educational needs?

How do we adapt our teaching for children/young people with special educational needs?

How do we decide what resources we can give to a child/young person with special educational needs?

How do we check that a child/young person is making progress and how do we keep parents informed?

What support do we offer for children’s/young people’s health and general wellbeing?

What specialist external services do we use when we think extra help is needed?

What training have our staff have had or are they getting?

How do we include children/young people in activities and school trips?

Our school environment

How do we prepare for children/young people joining our school and leaving our school?

How are parents involved in school  life?

Useful Documents

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