Assessment for Learning

At Cubitt Town Junior School we aim to constantly be assessing the learning of all children throughout the learning cycle. Teachers plan lessons and learning activities that enable them to ascertain how well children understand the main learning intention.   Through challenging and engaging teaching, our children become curious and ambitious learners.

Every piece of learning is looked at by teachers which empower them to plan further lessons, set targets and challenge/develop the learning and understanding. In addition to this, teachers mark in detail one piece of learning out of 4, ensuring the learner has a 'wish' which allows them to consolidate or develop their understanding further. Every week teachers provide time for learners to respond to marking, reflect on targets and receive further support. 

In addition to this:

  • Learners are taught how to self assess their own learning, so they can identify for themselves their strengths and areas for development
  • Learners are taught how to peer assess their partners learning so they can support each other in a collaborative and positive manner.
  • Learners are taught to be independent and make choices about their own learning and the degree of challenge appropriate for them.
  • Learners are taught positive learner behaviours so they have a more 'growth mindset' and thrive when challenged. 
  • Learners may receive verbal feedback for immediate impact and support. 

Learners are expected to try their best in every lesson and to reflect this; they are expected to record their learning in their very best handwriting/presentation. 

A 'Marking and Feedback' policy is in place to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to formative assessment. Regular summative assessments take place at the end of each topic to support teacher's formative assessments.